Partner Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join as a WeCut Partner?

1. Create WeCut account
Provide your email address and mobile number. A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS.

2. Submit personal & working details
Submit your personal and working details as well as uploading your business card and salon receipt1 which can prove your service price for reference. The application will be taken by 7 working days. 

3. Submit your ID card copy & bank accounts
We will inform you by email after your application is confirmed, then please submit your ID card photocopy and bank account2 for receiving your payout. You will be notified become one of our partners by email after our company review and approval. Download and login “WeCut Professional” mobile application, getting start to accept customers’ appointment depends on your schedule.

1Your single service fees in the existing company.

2The fixed bank account is for receiving your payout at future, automatic transfer will be held on the 15th of each month.

Partner Payments

1. How to view your cumulated revenue data
Login your personal account in “WeCut Professional” mobile application,  press “Payout” in the menu, all your cumulated revenue and commission data are listed there.

2. Salary issue
The settlement date is at the last working day of each month; your income will be received by auto-transfer to your provided bank account on the 15th of each month. If you have any questions about the total amount, or any transportation expenditure is missing to report, please contact us by email:


If the service location is nearby MTR stations or bus stops, please take MTR or buses. Besides, please take a taxi or Uber and fill in the estimated transport fee (2 way: fares back and forth) in “WeCut Professional” mobile application, and mark down for informing your customers that you will reach the location by taxi or Uber.

Trip Fares Calculation

1. Need to keep a trip fare receipt?
Please retain trip fare receipts and keep it well if you were taking taxi or Uber, monthly sent those receipts back to us on 1st of the next month, for calculating your net income.

Date of received a trip fare receipt/s (Per Month) Auto-transfer date
before or 3rd 15th, with this month salary auto-transfer to the bank account.
After or 4th 15th of the following month

2. The exacted trip fare exceeds the estimation.

Reach customer’s specified location; please retained a trip fare receipt by transport (includes taxi or Uber). After arrived, the customer will scan your provided QR Code for identifying you are partner. Then show the receipt, enter the total amount (one-way fare x 2) in “WeCut Professional” mobile application after the customer confirmation. Again, the customer will finish the payment through online payment method in the app.

WeCut promotional activities (e.g. Promotion Code) affect my net income

WeCut all promotional activities (including discount, price reduction, joint promotion by co-operations) aims to drive orders in both short-term and long-term growth for WeCut and all partners, at meanwhile, brings you more service opportunities and income growth, will be undertaken jointly with partners and WeCut, therefore we share profits at the same time.


1. Late
Once you have received our confirmation of appointment, our stylist shall arrive at your service location on the time agreed upon. In the event that our stylist fails to show up to the agreed service location and cause a delay for more than 30 minutes from the agreed upon time, there will be 40% discount off of this time service for the compensation.

2. Absence
If the stylist did not show up for providing service due to personal reason (illness2, accident or bad weather excluded), after WeCut investigation and confirmation, you will be required to pay us 5% of the service payment, and it will influence your customers rating.

2 Need to provide a medical certificate to prove illness, send this photocopy by email to, otherwise WeCut may be subject to disciplinary action.

Sign in Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble signing in to your WeCut partner account, please first try resetting your password.

Visit to and press “Forgot-password”. Enter the email address you believe is associated with your WeCut account. You’ll be received an email with a link to confirm or reset your password.

If you’re able to sign in with a new password, check to see if your account has any missing or expired documents. You may need to update documents and wait for us to review before your account can be reactivated.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, please contact us by email:

Technical Support

If you have any technical problems or feedbacks when using our mobile app by your smart phone, please press “Contact us” in our mobile app or email to it@wecut.Asia.

Account Settings

Update information (existing salary adjustment)
Please inform us by sending email to: with your receipt3 in photocopy. We will adjust your services fees in “WeCut Professional” mobile application as soon as possible after our review and approval.

3 Its enable to prove your single service charges in the existing company for our reference.