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Hong Kong first innovated beauty app and web platform, for beauty professionals such as hair stylist, makeup artist, beautician and manicurist to connect and explore with clients. In order to become one of us, you must comply with (1) have at least one year of relevant work experience (2) hair stylist’s hair cut pricing range in salon not less than HKD 380, Makeup artist ‘s evening makeup pricing range not less than HKD 580 / beauticians and manicurist, please send us your resume and the working place location for our approval. If you meet the above requirements, you can now apply online to become our WeCut professional.
To become our professional team we help you to expand your client base, clients can reach you not only in your working place but also all over Hong Kong.
Be your own boss, flexible working hours and optional area to earn more extra income. WeCut only charge a small operating cost, most of the income attributable to professionals. Register now to join our strong team of professional hair and beauty!

This is an official online job application. All the information must be true and correct. All personal data is encrypted and will be treated confidentially.

Once client completed the payment, your time will be reserved. If the client cancels the appointment before 48 hours, the client will be charged 5% of the service fee for compensating the bank charges, no more any extra fees; if the client cancels the appointment within 48 hours, 50% of the service fee will be charged as compensation; if the client cancels the appointment within 24 hours, the client will be charged the full amount as compensation for our professionals.

Professionals who arrive to their client 30 minutes late or more, clients have the right to make a complaint. Once we verified, the client is entitled to compensation a 40 % discount off of that time service as a late compensation.


Work when you want, Earn more money easily.


It’s easy to earn more money. How much is completely up to you.


You decide when and which district to work. So you can earn more money in your leisure time or after work.


You are a boss. Schedule your appointments; check your payout, all in WeCut partner app.